2. Native Babe: Shelby Goldstein
    Who? Our ridiculously amazing photographer
    Why? Because shes rad, talented and a native Angeleno! 
    what part of LA are you from?
    I grew up back and forth between sherman oaks and brentwood
    where is your favorite place to shoot in LA?
    honestly, i can’t say that i have a favorite place, as long as i’m shooting, that’s my favorite place to be.  
    what are your favorite subjects?
    definitely people, there’s just something so raw and satisfying about it. 
    who are your influences?
    I would say my Grandmother, Sally Mann, and Francesca Woodman— the list could go on and on. 
    what is your favorite nativeLA item?
    hmm, hard to say, there are so many AMAZING pieces but if i had to pick one, it would have to be the Rory Leopard cardigan.. but i also love my Joshua Tree scarf!!! 
    whats your hidden talent?
    well, aside from photography, i can make a pretty mean quesadilla
    check out her amazing sitewww.shelbystills.com
  3. New #nla #spring13 scarves just in

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