1. Kenzo eye nail art!

  2. The eyes have it.

  3. lightfeathers:

    Creatures of Comfort | Ros Georgiou by Charlotte Wales

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  4. bejeweled eye inspo

  5. Pop art shoes are a must. 

  6. Perfect summer eye make up inspiration…

  7. I’m always an advocate for glitter. More is more. Your face is a canvas so get creative and play!

  8. One of our favorite #NATIVEBABES, Marni, co-owner and buyer of our favorite store¬†MILK, introduced us to Maple Mei’s nail designs. She’s based in NYC and her nails are SERIOUS business.

    Check her out here…

  9. eye scream you scream….we all scream for ice cream

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  10. the EYES have it.

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