1. We’re not the typical carve a pumpkin kind of girls - it’s messy and we’re accident prone. We’re crafty girls. We love a project with glitter, paint and glue. Check out these majorly chic pumpkin DIY! 

    1. Blingin’ Pumpkin 

    2. Black and White Spooky Pumpkin

    3. Gold Ombre Pumpkin

    4. Bite Me Pumpkin

  2. Dying for this girl, her hair color and all her DIY’s. 

    How To Here 

  3. Know whats in your drawers with a simple chalkboard DIY. Don’t you just love this?

  4. I don’t know about you but I LOVE having people over. (Mainly because I’m a terror behind the wheel and suffer from severe road rage)…And am constantly looking for ways to make my home the perfect “kick back” house (yes, I just threw out the 2001 phrase for a high school hangout). There’s nothing better then hanging out outside with a cold adult beverage, listening to Haim and being with friends..

    Turn your backyard into THE summer oasis with these awesome Backyard Summer DIY’s.

    1.Build an outdoor movie theater: Directions here.

    2. Shorten the wait time between beverages: Directions here.

    3. Drill holes in your fence and add marbles - VIOLA you’ve created a personal rainbow. 

    4. Build your fire pit.. (it’s actually really simple and cheap). Directions here or buy this bad boy: here

  5. whisky in the jar-o

  6. Here it comes! Festival season! 

    What are you going to wear?

    1. The Reformation

    2. NativeLA

    3. DIY

    4. NativeLA

    5. Karen Walker


  7. DIY Design Bucket

    So cute, pretty easy to DIY and the best part is you can pick any fabric you want!

    For the how-to click here

  8. Just because you live in a closet, doesn’t mean you can’t party. Here are some of our fave space saving bar ideas. You can thank us later!

    via pinterest

  9. tassels DIY

  10.  hey all you winos out there, 

    I’ve been collecting corks everywhere i go, and now we’re finally ready to make something awesome! This is literally the perfect time of year to start collecting corks and and try these rad DIY’s out!

    1. wine coasters: 

    need: corks, ribbon, exacto knife, hot glue

    instructions: slice corks in 3/4 (or at your own desired height), make sure theyre pretty much even because you will be resting a glass on it, hot glue the corks side by side (can be in a circle or a rectangle, or any shape you want really!), once dry hot glue the ribbon for trim around the edge of the corks! enjoy!

    2. cork frame: 

    need: any frame will do, ikea has some good ones or scour a flea market! corks, hot glue, exacto knife

    instructions: glue corks onto a hard backing while inside of the frame, you can easily slice the corks at the edges if they dont fit perfectly. Then grab your fav pictures or cards and pin them on!

    3. cork stamps : 

    need: corks, stamp ink, exacto knife

    instructions: carve any simple shape into the base of the cork- creating the shape so it sticks out, stamp in ink, stamp on paper! EASY!!